Genogram Discovery Program




Are you trying to change something in your life?
Do you wish you had more control over your unconscious inclinations?
Do you want to stop hurting yourself?

The Myers-Morrison Genogram Discovery Program is designed to uncover patterns of behavior that may occur across generations and provide insights into the source of your pain, fears, compulsions, maladaptive patterns or unconscious motivations.

Do you wish you could stop eating, drinking or overdoing some behavior in your life?
Do you know when your behaviors started or where your reactions may have originated?

Cynthia Myers-Morrison created the Genogram Discovery Program to guide people through a process of discovery to gain an understanding of where they are stuck, blocked, confused or suffering. Working directly with Cynthia through a series of 1 hour sessions, you will document a personalized genogram to uncover the past and construct a road map to create your future.

Are your dreams out of reach?

Do you wish you could become a different person than who you have been?

Do you want to alter the course of your future?

Participating in the Genogram Discovery Program will unlock your personal pathway with specific steps to access your dreams, achieve your goals and gain freedom from unconscious obstacles and inherited difficulties.