THE FIX for cravings


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THE FIX for cravings: One(s) that didn’t work, and one, which WORKS!

You Can Create a Blissful, Contented, and Purposeful Life!

If you have tried and failed at diets, exercise regimes, and attempts to moderate consumption of foods ‘calling to you,’ then the book you are holding is THE FIX. The Food Addiction Specialist’s food plans and the lifetime experience the co-authors share address a primary problem. Treating your relationship with food and related behaviors as primary issues rather than symptoms may be your solution.

YOU can have a blissful, contented, and purposeful life. This is THE FIX for a Life Without Cravings. The stories of dozens who succeeded will inspire. You may not have reached their level of despair yet, but your desire to pick up this book indicates you have searched long enough. Start using the strategies offered to radically change your life.

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