Struggling to control your weight or your eating?

Myers-Morrison will perform a diagnostic assesment to determine your specific addiction and/or pathological use of sugar, flour and processed foods.

SUGAR Use General Assessment Recording
SUGAR® stands for Sugar Use General Assessment Recording

Find the truth behind your overeating

Some of the physiological routes that mediate food addiction are similar to the biochemical pathways that mediate drug addiction

Finding out that an addiction is the real driver behind overeating gives you the chance to take a whole new approach to getting control of your eating and getting into a healthy body.

Why get the SUGAR® Assessment?

Solve the painful mystery of why nothing has worked to end bingeing/dieting

End the misery of misdiagnoses and harmful programs

Minimize the risk of injury to your vessel and heart

Find the truth behind your struggles with food, controlling your eating, regulating your weight